Liz White is a car enthusiast who has attended several car shows in Asia. She was a designer who had her education from a fashion school in New York which gave her the advantage to become a successful fashion designer. She mostly designed lingerie and bikinis that car show babes wear in every car show that she attends.

Her success in designing bikinis for car show babes comes from her desire to be one. For every bikini that she creates, she imagines herself wearing one. In fact, she wears them first and poses like a car show babe when no one is looking. She kept a private online diary where she writes her desires, post her photos with bikinis on, and how glamorous car show babes are. As she continued designing bikinis, attending car shows, and admiring car show babes, her desire for car show babes escalated to becoming one that changed her career.

After 5 years of being a successful fashion designer, she is now a regular car show babe for the top event organizers in the city. This would not have been possible if she had not built her network around the fashion industry and the car shows that she has attended.