Knowing What Is a Car Show Model

If you’ve ever been to a car show, you would’ve noticed that each car is accompanied by a beautiful girl. But did you ever ask yourself what the job of a car-show babe is? If so, we’ll tell you all about it. 


Being a car show model isn’t all about looks. You have to have a lot of knowledge of cars, and especially the one you’re appointed to. That’s because you need to be able to answer people’s questions, no matter what they are. So, being a car show model is where beauty and brains collaborate to market and sell the newest car models.

Why Do Companies Need Car Show Models?

Car shows are like big conventions. Many companies come to present the newest models of their vehicles. So, there’s quite a bit of competition all in one place. That’s why companies need to have car-show girls. These girls attract the attention of potential customers because people are more likely to approach a vehicle if a pretty girl is standing next to it. 


However, giving visitors a warm greeting and a smile isn’t the only thing these girls do. Once they have someone’s attention, they can present the car and all its features. Of course, all models go through professional training and work with manufacturers so they’d have all the information they need. Auto-show girls are a necessity in this business because the competition is sometimes too great to handle on your own.

How Much Do Companies Pay for Car Show Models?

If you need any actual reasons why you should be a car show model, let’s talk about the pay. You wouldn’t be doing this job for exposure or connections, though they will come in handy. Companies pay their car show models very well, but it can depend on your expertise. Usually, you can expect to earn anywhere between $200 and $1,000 per day.


Keep in mind that car shows usually last several days, some even up to three weeks. If you do well, you can work more days and earn more money. Additionally, if people recognize your talent, they can invite you to other car shows. That doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but it pays great for a seasonal gig.

Are There Any Perks?

Now, let’s talk about perks. There’s definitely more to being a car-show model than being paid well. When you go to car shows, a lot of car fans and potential buyers will be visiting too. That means you can make friends with some very influential people. These people can be great connections that will help with your career if modeling is something you want to continue doing.


On the other hand, models have to travel a lot to keep up with all of the shows. Luckily, the best thing of all is that you get to travel for free. Free travel, accommodation, and wardrobe are perks every model gets. So, not only are you traveling around and seeing the world, but you’re also getting paid for it. This job sounds like a vacation, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to do it. The worst that can happen is you find out it’s not for you.

Words of Encouragement

Being a car show model doesn’t mean you just stand around all day. Plus, this is a great job for people who are a little shy and looking to break out of their shells. That’s because you have to talk to people, be nice, present the car, and make connections. You’ll meet a lot of different people, but not all of them will want to connect with you. That’s okay because at least the job is never boring.


You’ll do a lot of shows which means you’ll travel around. Plus, you won’t be the only car show babe out there, and that means you’ll make a lot of friends. Once you make friends in the industry, it’s easier to climb up the ladder and continue modeling if you want. There are too many perks to pass up the opportunity to try yourself out as a model.

Friendly Precaution Advice

Like any other job, this one comes with some risks too. As you know, not everyone you meet will want to be a friend. Unfortunately, some people will just want to harass you or get something out of you. In these cases, you can rely on the venue’s security to remove you or whoever’s bothering you from a bad situation.


Even though this job seems to pay well, don’t rely on estimates and averages. Pay can be different for every model, so the only way to find out if this job is worth it for you is to try it yourself.