Sexuality is an essential aspect of being a human being. It’s simply a part of ourselves we should take care of and explore. And being in a long relationship is one more reason why we should take our sex life seriously and keep it exciting and fresh.

Luckily, today we have plenty of possibilities when we want to bring something new and exciting in the bedroom. The sex industry offers us so many different toys. Some of these can bring us to new levels of pleasure, like powerful vibrators. The others will help us explore our kinky side, such as bondage sex toys.

There’s something for everyone! So, if you’re done exploring different sex positions, you can now move on to the next level! And this is how to introduce sex toys to your sex life safely and adequately.

One-Night Stand Sex vs. Sex Within Relationships

Having sex with a random person at the party can certainly qualify as an interesting experience — it kind of feels like tasting the forbidden fruit or having a little adventure. But the one night stand sex isn’t the only way of getting an exciting experience.

Sex within a relationship can actually be just as, or even more, fantastic. And the reason for that is obvious — couples who are in a long term relationship feel more connected. So, before deciding that sex in a relationship has to become boring sooner or later, think again!

However, if you want to keep your sex life exciting, you certainly need to communicate with your partner.

Why Is It Difficult to Talk About Your Sex Life to Your Partner?

Most people have all kinds of sexual fantasies, desires, and needs. The curiosity and will to explore are simply a part of being human. However, people often have a difficult time expressing their needs and wishes.

The reason for that is that sex is still a somewhat taboo topic. And sometimes, there’s more to it. For example, men often avoid talking about sex with their partners because they tend to feel insecure. On the other hand, women often feel ashamed of their fantasies and desires.

But humans are sexual beings, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! So, talking about sex with your partner is normal. And it will certainly help you keep things in the bedroom interesting! Taking care of your sex life is beneficial, even essential for keeping the relationship fresh and healthy. And luckily, there are numerous ways of bringing sexual excitement to your love life.

The Use of Sex Toy Is Normal

Experimenting with sex toys is probably the easiest way to try out different things. And given that there are many various toys on the market, you’ll certainly find the one for you. So, introducing some spicy gadget to your sex life shouldn’t be an issue.

Some of these are quite simple, like butt plugs, that will make penetrative sex feel more intense. And you can always go with more exotic sex toys, such as a vibrating cock ring. Also, there’s a whole variety of toys perfect for coupled play — you just have to figure out what you’re most interested in.

And there’s nothing wrong with using sex toys in the bedroom — it’s a perfectly normal thing to do! You’re merely exploring your and your partner’s sexuality. And you’ll also have a lovely time doing so. The only thing you should worry about is keeping your new sex toys clean and safe to use.

The Right Time to Talk to Your Partner About Using Sex Toys

As we mentioned before, there’s nothing wrong with talking about sex toys with your partner. However, there’s the right place and time to do it. And starting the conversation in an appropriate manner and circumstances is a pretty good way to start your exploration journey.

So, don’t try talking about it during sex. There’s simply something very wrong with trying to get someone’s consent for doing something new during sexual intercourse. It may seem like good timing, but your partner is likely to feel like you’re trying to manipulate them.

And for similar reasons, foreplay isn’t the right time to start this type of conversation. You may even scare your partner when suddenly proposing something different at that particular moment. And, if you want them to say yes, it’s crucial to make sure they feel safe around you.

Also, if you bring it up after sex, your partner may feel like they failed to satisfy you. And maybe they will eventually say yes out of self-doubt. But that’s just not the way you want your partner to feel! Sex toys are supposed to help you have a great time, not to make someone feel bitter and bad about themselves.

Basically, sex just isn’t the right time to start a conversation about using toys. Instead, try doing it while you’re sitting somewhere, talking about things, chilling. The perfect moment for this conversation is when both of you feel relaxed and opening up to each other.

Avoid Talking About It During the Early Stage of Your Relationship

When you enter a new relationship, you want to learn about your partner. And of course, you want to share parts of yourself with them too! But bringing up your desire to experiment in the bedroom maybe isn’t the smartest idea during early stages of a relationship.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Maybe you’ll figure out you like the same things right away, which can lead to feeling more connected. But there’s a possibility your partner will get the wrong idea of what your intentions are.

Maybe they’ll feel that you just want to use them for your “sexual experiments.” And if you want to avoid such a scenario, you should postpone the toy talk until you start feeling comfortable around each other.

Choosing Sex Toys Is a Fun Couples’ Activity

So, it’s vital that you talk about it, and give your consent out of a need to explore. And if you do this part right, you’ll have a lot of fun even before you expect it. Talking about what you want to try out can turn to be an amazing experience.

Of course, choosing the toys you like is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your partner. And then, you’ll have to look for what you’re interested in and do the shopping. That will be a perfect way of having some quality, fun time together. It will undoubtedly bring you closer to each other too! You can both go to LG website, and see how fun it is choosing a toy that you both would enjoy.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys in a Relationship

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom may be the best decision of your life and for more than one reason. For instance, you’ll find sex toys that will bring you to a new level of sexual pleasure. Some vibrators will give you the clitoral stimulation you simply can’t get in any other way.

Also, there are various sex toys for men that are really pleasurable to use. And a bunch of them are also useful for maintaining sexual health. Couples’ sex toys aren’t just perfect for raising the heath under the sheets — they are also great for helping you stay healthy!

So, sex toys will make your sex life more satisfying and give you lots of pleasure. You will also gain some health benefits from using them. And, after all, sex toys will give you plenty to explore and satisfy your curiosity. That sounds like more than enough reasons to give them a try.